From Beta to v1.0 at 0x10 ❤️/s !
  • New tools to be baked and added to the library
  • Upcoming, Nuclei, AV-Evasion, Android and iOS static app analyser and more tbd
  • Bug fixes for XXS Exploitation Kit and new operations
  • Scanners bug fixes
  • Deployment of XXE Exploitation Kit
  • Slack integration
  • Jira integration
  • API tokens
  • Data Leak and Asset Discovery
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Crawler: Spider + dirbuster + configfinder
  • Allsubs: Subdomain passive + subdomain active && subdomain takeover
  • Subs2Service: AllSubs + network scanner
  • Sub2Vulns: Subs2Service + Nuclei
  • Several more to come
  • Run tools, toolschains, subscriptions from selected regions: US, Europe, Asia
  • Proxy service with selected IPs
  • Continue development of HTML templates for existing and new tools
  • Testing testing testing testing testingtestingtestingtestingtesting...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is. You can use most tools and features for free. TEQNIX Professional is for users who need to scan a higher number of hosts or require more resources. Some features like Subscriptions are limited to Professional.
The free plan has access to most tools and features as well as receive notifications and reports. The professional plan provides scan options. It has more resources allocated per scan and with a higher scan number and limits. The Professional plan also feature Subscriptions and API. The monthly and yearly Professional plans differ in duration and cost; with the yearly plan being cheaper on 12 month basis duration.
No, you can access your account again when you renew or get a new plan. If you wish to delete your account, you can do so it in the Account section.
TEQNIX is for information security professionals. It can help security operations in assessing their company assets and penetration testers in carrying-out testing with a collection of useful tools. Where some features, like Subscriptions, are intended to be more applicable to security operation/blue team users, other features such as Listeners, Scanners or Proxy are designed for the offensive red team use.
This is TEQNIX's first release. You can read about our Roadmap in the page. By publishing TEQNIX Beta version allows us to spin up and test the platform and its tools.
TEQNIX is the platform that allows you to automate the troublesome security tasks so that you can focus on the manual and more important ones. It provides good quality results and has a range of and variety of tools. This in combination with the Integrations and the Reporting capabilities makes TEQNIX a useful asset to your arsenal.

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TEQNIX helps you to gather information, monitor networks, identify threats and find sensitive data more efficiently.

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