Automation Testing

Automation Testing is the implementation of automated tools, such as scanners, for the identification of weaknesses in systems and software. TEQNIX was designed to perfom automated testing to assist developers in finding and patching security issues prior development and security testing to minimise costs and effort that could arise in modifying the application and carry out remediation testing.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing consists in identifing vulnerabilities and exploiting them in the same way an attacker would. This activity evaluates the security posture of the target system and whether it conforms with industry security standards.

Web Application & API Penetration Testing

Manual review and exploitation of application's vulnerabilities to identify weaknesses that could be abused to attack the users of the solution or the solution's supporting infrastructure.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

It is a simulation attack by an insider threat that by exploiting internal network flaws it escalates and take over the network, data and intellectual property.

Wi-Fi Security Assessment

It is performed as a simulation attack by an outsider targeting your corporate Wi-Fi endpoints and attempting to collect sensitive data and access internal organisation's resources.

Network Perimeter Assessment

Vulnerability scanning of external network assets and exploitation of vulnerabilities from an external attacker perspective.

Mobile App Penetration Testing

Security assessment of mobile app for both Android and iOS systems to find security issues that may affect the privacy of your mobile app users.

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