A web platform to manage your automated tasks

Visualise tools, running tasks and download reports.

Launch a Diverse Number of Tasks and Acquire More Results Faster_

Launch scanners and monitor services. Discover leaks and exposures.



TEQNIX's Tools is a library of scanners, network utilities and automation scripts of various kinds, designed to help you in carrying out most prevalent testing tasks. We are expanding and combining tools, increasing automation to reduce false-positives and to gain better quality results.




Subscriptions are powerful continuous monitoring and recurring services. They are designed to detect discrepancies or new exposures over network assets, repositories, SSL/TLS configuration and more. This type of automation service provides an extra set of eyes for the Blue Teamer/SecOps.

  • Monitor your developers' repositories, S3 buckets, SSL/TLS configuration, detect data leaks and more
  • Watch over exposed network assets and services
  • Continuous scanning and alerts allows you to detect changes in a timely manner



Listeners are real-time exploitation toolkits where operations and new attacks can be sent to the target via the Live Connection console. The taget is bound to TEQNIX allowing you to click and inject remote commands. Several commands are already available. Check out the introduction video about the XSS Listener or try it yourself - click Explore below:




Run TEQNIX from third-party applications as well as integrate TEQNIX tools with your own via the API. The API are the first of the integration available, future release will provide support for third-party apps.



TEQNIX exports all tasks result in reports. These are currenlty in JSON for all tasks and HTML. Once the task is completed, both an email and web notification is sent to you.

  • Receive alerts when Subscription service detects discrepancies or new findings
  • Web and email notifications
  • JSON reports

TEQNIX helps you to gather information, monitor networks, identify threats and find sensitive data more efficiently.

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