Pentesting tools
& automation

TEQNIX automates cyber security & testing tasks for you, so you don't have to.

Aaccess control testing Subdomain enumeration Network scanning Input validation Static code analysis

Save your time for the important tasks by automating the troublesome ones.

TEQNIX is a platform of tools and strategies for testing security vulnerabilities. It promotes automation testing with the use of scanners, the best open source security tools and automated scheduled tasks.

Launch a diverse number of tasks and acquire more results faster_

TEQNIX is a great asset to your testing methodologies.
Get access to cool automation features and a collection of tools for your recon, network, web and mobile testing.


Enhance your testing strategies and speed up your assessment with ready-to-use tools. Testing is more efficient when manual tasks are carry out in conjunction with automated tools.

Choose Your Test

TEQNIX' collection offers the best open source tools and scanners available. Scanners are specific to the technology and have advanced options to allow for the best results.

TEQNIX integrations let you work with your favourite testing tools

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