Pentesting tools
& automation

TEQNIX automates cyber security & testing tasks for you, so you don't have to.

Save your time for the important tasks by automating the troublesome ones.

TEQNIX is a platform with a number of tools and strategies for penetration testers, red teamers and secops. It promotes automation with scanners and utilities and also assist in a real-time attack situation. Such as, exploiting XSS attacks against a live user, or assist in lateral movements.

TEQNIX is free. Believe it or not.

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Launch a diverse number of tasks and acquire more results faster_

Along with all the cool automation features, some of the benefits of TEQNIX is having access to a set of tools that do not require the user to install or to maintain. The collection of tools is a great asset to your testing methodologies, ready-to-use.

You can use TEQNIX from the command line (Console) or via the Platform. You can have a peak at the Platform by clicking the Explore button below.

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TEQNIX helps you to gather information, monitor networks, identify threats and find sensitive data more efficiently.

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