TEQNIX was made to assist in the identification of weaknesses in applications and supporting infrastructure. The need of an automation platform & continuous scanning system is essential to keep on top of emerging cyber threats. What makes TEQNIX better than other security solutions is the collection of scanners designed to work against specific technologies & with advanced settings. The purpose of TEQNIX is to find vulnerabilities.


Helping businesses to secure their application via the use of an integrated platform and the best security tools available on the web. All good things are not easy. We took this project as our mission and we hope that with your help we can make it better.


Find Vulnerabilities

Take a tour of the platform. Several scans are made free for anyone to try and assess their application. Contact us if you wish to have demo or ask any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often offer some free scans and tools, however, we removed the free plan from the platform.
The number of IPs are the one that count. You have up to 255 IPs available for each scan.
You can contact us to cancel your plan. We would like to collect some feedback from you to help us improve. You will still be able to use the professional plan for the remaining of the paid bill cycle but you will no longer be charged for any future months.
No, you can access your account again when you renew or get a new plan. If you wish to delete your account, you can do so by getting in contact with us.
This is TEQNIX' first release. We are constantly working to provide new features, tools and integrations to the platform. We would like to hear any feature request you may have. We have a form in the Help section of the TEQNIX' platform.
TEQNIX will help getting your testing done and fast. It is a new concept designed to provide a new stack of tools and resources you will be passing time researching online for. At the same time, it is an integrated solution with your favourite tools.

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Check our FAQ or contact us. We're more than happy to help.


TEQNIX is the automation platform that helps you finding vulnerabilities in your systems.

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